I’m changing jobs: starting this weekend I’ll be an editor-at-large at O’Reilly, where I’ll be writing about the technology industry for the company that taught me to code.

It’s been an unfathomable joy to work at Forbes for the last six years. Anyone who has asked me about my work there has heard me glow about the magazine’s inquisitive minds and open culture and the extraordinary latitude I’ve been given in choosing and executing my own projects. My experience at Forbes has defined what I want in a career.

I’ve gotten to know O’Reilly over the last couple of years, and I’ve been deeply impressed by its role as a gathering place and intellectual exchange for the technology industry–as Pushkin is the only thing all Russians can agree on, so is O’Reilly a central cultural feature of the technical economy. It’s now reaching well beyond Silicon Valley by drawing together its original constituency in the tech industry with other areas that are anticipating rapid, disruptive change–healthcare, news publishing and basic scientific research, for instance.

My work at O’Reilly will involve many of the same things I’ve loved working on at Forbes–writing about the technology industry, exploring data with narrative and interactive applications, and getting to know people whose ideas are transforming the economy. I’m also looking forward to being a regular participant in O’Reilly’s great conferences and to freelancing as time permits.

I’ll continue to live and work in New York, and you can continue to reach me by the e-mail address below.

Jon Bruner

Digital fabrication and AI person at Formlabs