For the last several years I’ve been deep in the world of digital fabrication—the technologies that are changing the way physical objects are made. I work on strategy at Carbon, and previously ran the Digital Factory program at Formlabs.

Before moving into the field I was a journalist and publisher. I worked on O’Reilly Media’s AI, data, and hardware programs, where I oversaw publications and conferences related to deep learning and neural networks, AI-driven interfaces, and the economic value of data. Previously I ran O’Reilly’s publishing and events related to electronics, manufacturing, industrial design, and anything else at the intersection between physical and digital.

My biggest project at O’Reilly was the Solid Conference, which I co-chaired with Joi Ito. The first Solid in 2014 was a landmark event in the emergence of the new hardware community, bringing together designers, engineers, artists, researchers, executives, and investors who work at the blurring line between digital and physical.

Until 2012 I was data editor at Forbes, where I covered anything quantitative through long-form articles, graphics and interactive applications.

I also managed some of the internal data that goes into Forbes’s big editorial efforts like the Forbes 400 and Best Places, and I’ve dabbled in content management systems as well, getting familiar with PHP and the WordPress API to help build Forbes’s contributor platform during the summer and fall of 2010.

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