In this evening’s data journalism workshop we’ll take a look at a couple of tools for mapping: we’ll have a presentation from Javier de la Torre, founder of Vizzuality, on CartoDB, and I’ll lead a brief walk-through that takes some of the data we looked at last week and turns it into a map with Google Fusion Tables and Google Maps.

Some links for tonight:

And some O’Reilly books to get you going:

  • Designing Data Visualizations A primer on extracting visualizations from raw data, with a focus on fundamental principles and design.
  • Beautiful Visualization Inspiration.
  • Visualizing Data An introduction to the Processing programming language, which has become popular for creating both static and interactive visualizations.
  • Learning SQL The structured query language that Javier demonstrated in CartoDB shows up in all sorts of databases and database-like software. This is an introduction to standard SQL.

Here’s a sample map of the sort that I’ll build in tonight’s workshop:

Jon Bruner

Digital fabrication and AI person at Formlabs