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I’m leading a pair of introductory data journalism workshops on Tuesday, September 4 and Monday, September 10 here in New York, along with Sha Hwang from Trulia, who will lead similar workshops simultaneously in San Francisco. Continue →

I’m changing jobs: starting this weekend I’ll be an editor-at-large at O’Reilly, where I’ll be writing about the technology industry for the company that taught me to code. Continue →

I spent part of last summer building a system that parses Federal Election Commission records and, along with my colleagues Louie Torres and Dmitri Slavinsky, a system that helps our researchers link members of the Forbes 400 to political contribution records. Continue →

A few days ago, I published an interactive map of American migration on Since then, it's become more popular than I could have possibly imagined. It's been shared 5,000 times on Facebook and written about in The Economist, three different New York Times blogs, three different Atlantic blogs, and basically the entire "-ist" franchise (Gothamist, Chicagoist, DCist, and so on)--plus 1,700 other blogs and publications of various sorts. To say I'm grateful for the... Continue →