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In this evening’s data journalism workshop we’ll take a look at a couple of tools for mapping: we’ll have a presentation from Javier de la Torre, founder of Vizzuality, on CartoDB, and I’ll lead a brief walk-through that takes some of the data we looked at last week and turns it into a map with Google Fusion Tables and Google Maps. Continue →

I’m leading a pair of introductory data journalism workshops on Tuesday, September 4 and Monday, September 10 here in New York, along with Sha Hwang from Trulia, who will lead similar workshops simultaneously in San Francisco. Continue →

I’m changing jobs: starting this weekend I’ll be an editor-at-large at O’Reilly, where I’ll be writing about the technology industry for the company that taught me to code. Continue →

I spent part of last summer building a system that parses Federal Election Commission records and, along with my colleagues Louie Torres and Dmitri Slavinsky, a system that helps our researchers link members of the Forbes 400 to political contribution records. Continue →